my Gram’Ma

Wallace Lane
2 min readJul 14, 2022


circa 98'

my Gram’Ma be a fountain of love/
part fortress/ part family tree/

my Gram’Ma be a South Carolina Sycamore/

my Gram’Ma be a mansion/
a row home that feels like a mansion/

my Gram’Ma be a trillionaire of love/
maternal demigoddess/
Mother Teresa /
mama Morrison/
peppermint in purse/
mercy and grace in flesh/

my Gram’Ma be
Bea Gaddy on blocks wit bandos/

my Gram’Ma be the closet soul
to God in the trenches/
my Gram’Ma be praying over prostitutes, pimps and
lost souls in the trenches/

my Gram’Ma be holy water/
be refuge to haunted waters/
be a ark for floods/
be Friday Night Lights vs. curses/
be Kirk Franklin stomping narcissists/

my Gram’Ma be a prayer warrior /
be a praying warrior/
be pray wit me and don’t play wit me/
be Eleven from Stranger Things against demons/
be half hood and half holy/

my Gram’Ma be a oldies
but goodies song/
Anita and Stevie/
Frankie Bev Before I let go/
Spades table/
little kids table/
stay outta grown folks bizness table/

my Gram’Ma be praying over food like it’s a baptism/
eat all that meat off the chicken checker/
stay outta my kitchen/

my Gram’Ma be a kitchen/
my Gram’ Ma be a cookbook/
my Gram’Ma be a history book/
mediator ‘tween us and the ancestors/
history and historian/
more Malcolm than Martin /
more Martin than Malcolm/

my Gram’Ma be a truth bearer/
be a lovegiver/
be a sunbringer/
be walking wit Jesus but will still choose violence/
be telling the forecast by the ache of her body/

my Gram’Ma be a medicine cabinet/
be gingerale and not ginger ale/
be a hard belch/
be a sweet kiss/
be sending us to the corner store/
be bring my change back/

my Gram’Ma be forgiveness/
my Gram’Ma is forgiveness/




Wallace Lane

Wallace Lane is a poet, author, educator and now a self-acclaimed Young OG from in Baltimore, Maryland.